If the light doesn't turn on, try replacing the LED light source module
2024-06-25 13:56

LED flush mount lights are prone to damage or aging after prolonged use. 

The LED light source module features:

  1. Professional light distribution and anti-electric shock design for uniform illumination and safer operation.

  2. Integrated photoelectric design for safer and simpler installation.

  3. Professional optical LED high-quality chips with low thermal resistance, high efficiency, and minimal light attenuation.

  4. High-quality PC lens for 360° wide-angle light distribution, uniform illumination without dark areas or glare, promoting healthier lighting.

5. Constant current drive power supply for safer, durable, and anti-aging performance.

6. Magnetic adsorption design for easy, convenient, and comfortable installation.

7. Easy replacement of old light sources with wide application and upgraded lighting.

8. Suitable for replacing traditional circular ceiling lights, meeting various environmental atmosphere requirements.

When replacing the LED light source module, consider the following:

Ensure safety: Always disconnect the power supply during operation to avoid electric shock.

Choose the right module: When purchasing a new module, ensure compatibility with your flush mount light model and specifications to maintain optimal performance.

Handle with care: Avoid excessive force or use of hard tools when disassembling or installing the module to prevent damage to the module or light fixture.

Check quality: Purchase from reputable brands and channels to ensure reliable quality and performance of the module.

Monitor heat dissipation: After installing the new module, monitor its operating temperature to ensure adequate heat dissipation and prevent damage from overheating.

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