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ZigBee System Feauture

 The System can manage different kinds of devices by mobile or computer with the following feature:

✔Schedule settings for each device

✔ Dimmable brightness for light

✔ Delay setting for each device

✔ Fader, alarm, smooth, jump, candle effects(RGB light)

✔ Scene control with one key

✔ Area definition

✔ QR code scan to add device

✔ Support group setting, all devices can reach same effect in same time

✔ Database synchronization between 2 clients

✔ Remote control

✔ RGB or color temperature storage ability

✔ Frequency hopping technology for strong anti-jamming ability

✔ Mesh network

✔ Router feature of Gateway

✔All kinds of devices in one application

✔ iOS, Android, Windows application support

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Why ZigBee Smart System? 

For normal LED light, they could not dimming, could not change the color or set time on/off, for the  TRIAC dimmable lamps, there is 2 big problem, the first one is flicker when dimming under 30%  brightness, the second, TRIAC could not change the lamps separately, the lamps could increase or  decrease the brightness at the same time,.  

For the 0/1-10V lamps, there are also 2 problems, the first one, you should spent more time to connect  the signal wire to each lamps, this will cost a lot of time and cost, second, the same as TRIAC, could  not change the color separately.

For DALI, yes, you can control the lamps independently, there is also 2 big problem, the first, the  controller and master is very very expensive, secondly, the signal wire shold take a lot of time and  money.

For DMX, there is only 512 ID, so you can control them separately, but also 2 problem, the first one,  control system too complicate, must need lisscen workers to operate, second, you should take a lot of  time to connect the signal wires, too much time and money.

For ZigBee system, it is cheaper, easier and smart systems, you can control the lamps via mobile APP,  IPAD, PC, RF remote and remote control panel board, on/off, change color and brightness together or  separately, you can set the time on/off automatically, you can ask the APP remember the setting, you  can control the lamps Evan you are in abroad if you have internet, everyone can use them, no need to  connect signals wire, save time, save money, one gateway can control thousand of lamps separately or  together,  So ZigBee smart LED light, An easier, smart and cheaper solution for commercial lighting.

What kind of LED light can work with ZigBee system?

Single color LED lights

LED downlight, LED panel light, LED track light, LED bulb etc.

CCT Adjustable LED lights

CCT adjustalbe LED downlight, LED panel light, LED track light,etc

RGB 3-color LED lights 

RGB LED downlight, LED panel light, LED bulb etc. 

RGBW 4-color LED lights 

RGBW LED downlight, LED panel light, LED bulb etc.

How ZigBee system working? 

1. Mobile or IPAD connect to ZigBee gateway, Mobile/IPAD APP send signals to ZigBee gateway, ZigBee gateway  send signals to ZigBee controllers (work with 1pc mobile or IPAD only at the same time) 

2. Mobile or IPAD connect to Wifi Rounter, ZigBee gateway connect to WIFI rounter too, Mobile/IPAD APP send  signals to ZigBee gateway, ZigBee gateway send signals to ZigBee controllers (mobile or IPAD work at the same  time , unlimited quantity) 

3. Connect internet to Wifi Rounter, Mobile/IPAD send the signals by 2G/3G/4G/WIFI to ZigBee gateway, , ZigBee gateway send signals to ZigBee controllers (mobile or IPAD work at the same time , unlimited quantity, no matter  where you are, you can control the lamps at any time).

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