TCL Smart T8 Tube
Smart and energy saving

With the rapid development of national economy, the number of motor vehicles going to underground parking is increasing rapidly. Underground garage has the characteristics of largespace and many lamps. According to statistics, the energy consumption of lighting alone accounts for 80% of the operation energy consumption ofunderground garage.

At present, the underground garage basically adopts the traditional lighting mode, whichuses light sources such as led T8 lamp tube for 24 hours uninterrupted lighting, and adopts manual control, which not only consumes a lot of power, but also has a large loss of lamps, which needs to be replaced frequently. It also increases the intensity of maintenance work, and the maintenance cost is relatively high. In order to save electricity, some garages reduce the number of lighting fixtures installed, or only turn on half of the lighting fixtures, or manually control the lighting time, which may be prone to safety accidents and increase the cost of working time.

TCL garage smart lighting solution

TCL garage smart lighting solution adopts the mode of changing according to needs to intelligently manage and control the garage lighting. "The light is on if car / person coming,  and the light is slightly on after car /person leave ". To remove the invalid lighting, a variety of intelligent settings such as zoning, timing, induction and scene preset can be adopted tosave energy consumption and reduce electricity, labor and management costs while improving the lighting quality.

TCL lighting is committed to providing one-stop garage lighting solutions and services such as lighting design, control scheme design, equipment installation and commissioning, after-sales maintenance, so as to achieve the goal of"smart and convenient, energy-saving and environmental protection, durability and reliability, high return on investment", integrate many advantages such as comfort, flexibility, safety, energy-saving economy and convenient maintenance, and create a win-win situation for all parties.

Safe smartlight as the core

With smart light control as the core, stepless dimming, the induced brightness and dormant brightness of the lamp can be defined at any time (0-100%). During low-power operation, there is a certain basic safety lighting in the whole underground garage; Sense people and vehicles, and light up the lights of lane parking spaces to realize "on-demand lighting".

The energysaving rate is more than 80%

Induction"dimming" works normally for 18W when the vehicle is coming, and the lamp sleeps for 3W when no man and car appear . At the same time, intelligent automatic control such as timing and induction is adopted, and the maximum energy-saving rate is up to 80%.

Normal working 18W                                                               Sleep working 3W


Powerful control mode

It has local control (APP, light control software, remote control), SaaS system remote control connected to smart gateway to create strong control synchronization, smart dimming consistency and more convenient operation and maintenance for garage lighting!

Flexible and diverse energy-saving measures

It can realize energy-saving management measures such as zoning, timing and scene preset, and complete the automatic control of underground garage lighting to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

· Zoning and grouping: 

Different lanes do notinterfere with each other, and the zoning group can be adjusted at any time.

· Timing control: 

According to the daily flowcondition of the garage, set the peak period, sub peak period and trough periodto ensure low energy consumption during the low peak period.

· Scene preset: 

According to the control requirements of different scenes, a variety of scene modes such as holidays canbe preset, which can be switched with one button, which is convenient and efficient.

Easy maintenance and clear data

It has the function of working state and fault feedback, without manual inspection, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance; The operation data and energy consumption analysis of thesystem can be obtained from the centralized control system platform, visual management and improve work efficiency.

Strong operability

There is no need to change the existing circuit design, no need to add additional signal lines, just replace lamps, save cost, simple and convenient, and short implementation cycle.

Product Recommendation

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